GENERAL TERMS - This website constitutes the online store of the individual company named "K. Gοuroutidis - I.M. Bardaka E.E." with the distinctive title "Street Apparel," headquartered in Thessaloniki, specifically at 72 Mitropoleos Street, VAT number: 800897462 / Tax Office D 'Thessaloniki, email: [email protected], which, for the purposes of brevity, will hereinafter be referred to as the "COMPANY." Through the website www.owlclothes.com, you have the opportunity to learn about the products manufactured and sold by the COMPANY and/or to make remote purchases of these products through its online store, as specifically presented on this website. Before entering the online store and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply to the use of our online store.

Please ensure that you agree to the following terms and conditions, as further use and browsing of the aforementioned website implies your explicit and unconditional consent and agreement to their application and validity.

For the purposes of this agreement, you will be referred to as the "USER."

User of the website. The USER of the website is requested, prior to browsing it, to read and comply with the terms and conditions governing the use of the website, which are binding for them, and to unreservedly accept them as formulated by the COMPANY. It is explicitly agreed that the COMPANY is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the USER or any third party due to the improper observance of the terms of use of the website by the USER.

The USER, who will proceed to purchase products through this website, promises and acknowledges that they meet the legal requirements for the conclusion of the contract and that they are of legal age.

The USER undertakes to provide true and not false personal information in order to accurately carry out transactions and avoid problems.

Modifications. Owl clothes retains the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions according to its needs and business practices. The modification or renewal will be effective from the moment this text is updated for any changes. However, the change in terms does not apply retroactively and does not affect orders that have already been placed. For this reason, users of the website are required to regularly check the terms for any changes, as the COMPANY may make changes, withdraw a product, prohibit access to a part of the website, etc.

Disclaimer. The COMPANY is not responsible to the USER if, for any reason, the website is not available at a given time or for any period, or if a product appears to be available while it is not, due to a technical issue. The website may experience technical errors (such as in photos, prices, texts, etc.), which the company strives to rectify as soon as possible.

Owl clothes is only liable for intent and gross negligence in case of delays in delivering ordered products and for information provided or services rendered through its website.

Owl clothes is not responsible for any technical problems that users may encounter when accessing the website and during such access, which are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure for using the website. Furthermore, Owl clothes bears no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties, particularly unauthorized interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information provided through it.

Owl clothes makes every effort to provide high-quality services. However, errors in prices and secondary product characteristics cannot be excluded, and it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no interruptions in the operation of the website or technical/typographical errors during the updating or listing of a product's price. For the security and efficiency of your purchases, if you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value, please contact the Customer Service Department at 2310-243737 or via email at [email protected], daily from 11:00 to 17:00.

The provided text appears to be a passage from a website's terms and conditions or legal statement. It discusses various aspects related to intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and the protection of personal data. Here's an English translation:

"Intellectual Property Rights. The content, logos, and software of the website constitute intellectual and/or industrial property of the COMPANY or third parties conventionally associated with the COMPANY. Therefore, the content of the website is made available to the USER solely for personal use and under no circumstances for public or commercial use. The right granted to the USER is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The USER is not allowed to publish, manipulate, distribute, or reproduce in any form whatsoever any material appearing on this website, as they are COPYRIGHTED PRODUCTS. Additionally, the USER cannot modify or create derivative works based on any software or accompanying documents provided by the website www.owlclothes.com.

Trademarks, logos, and the website of the Company cannot be used without prior written permission from the Company, and any damages or offenses caused by the use of its name are the responsibility of the USER.

Privacy Protection. The COMPANY explicitly guarantees that it has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all USER data. Backup systems, virus protection, protection against malicious actions, etc., are some of the precautions taken by the Company for the smooth operation of its system. However, upon creating an account, the USER promises to take all appropriate security measures on their part to keep their account information confidential. The COMPANY declares that it is not responsible for restoring any damage or loss resulting from the USER's failure to comply with proper security rules and that the secure logout (disconnection) from the account, along with the non-disclosure of personal account information to any third party, is the USER's responsibility.

Personal Data Protection Policy. The USER can browse the website without being asked for any personal information by the COMPANY unless explicitly informed otherwise by the COMPANY. When placing an order, the USER will be required to provide personal information such as their name, email address, telephone number, residential address, shipping address, date of birth, for the processing of the order by the COMPANY. In this case, the USER automatically consents to the collection of the aforementioned personal data by the COMPANY for the purpose of completing the order. In any case, this concerns information necessary for the execution of the online sale and the USER's information regarding it. In this case as well, the USER is obligated to provide these information truthfully and accurately and to promptly notify any changes.

The COMPANY complies with the relevant legislation for the protection of personal data. The COMPANY will not transmit or disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the USER, unless required by Law.

According to the relevant legislation on personal data, the USER has the rights of information, access, and objection as provided by the Law 11 -13 του Ν. 2472/1997.

The information requested by the COMPANY for the completion of the transaction is safeguarded in every way but may be transferred to third parties collaborating with the company to complete the process. The telephone number and delivery address of the products are provided to the responsible delivery company (ELTA courier, Speedex or Box now) to facilitate the delivery.

Product Features: The basic features of the products for sale are displayed on this website in the respective section. Due to technical reasons related to the website, browser compatibility, or accessing the website via a mobile phone, there may be some discrepancies between the displayed product and the actual product, such as differences in color representation. The COMPANY is not responsible for any such discrepancies.

Ordering Process: Orders must be submitted in writing via the internet by completing and sending the relevant Order Form available on the website www.owlclothes.com. Your order is considered received by Owl Clothes from the moment you receive a corresponding email notification at the registered email address.

Your order is binding when the order status indicates "Shipped" or "Available for Pickup."

The buyer must review the Order Confirmation and notify the COMPANY in writing immediately, or at the latest within 12 hours from the time of receiving the electronic notification, of any potential errors. Otherwise, the information stated in the Order Confirmation will be applied to this Agreement.

Product Prices: Before submitting the Order Form, the following information and details are considered known:

The prices of the various products displayed on the website pages include VAT at the legally prescribed rate.

The prices in the online store may change at any time without notice. Owl Clothes assumes no responsibility and does not cover price differences for products purchased from a physical Owl Clothes store when the customer later discovers a lower price in the online store or vice versa.

Various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted. In the case of limited availability or low stock of a product that is on sale, Owl Clothes reserves the right to fulfill relevant orders based on the criterion of satisfying as many customers as possible, i.e., orders placed by different/separate users.

Prices - Stock. The cost of the products may vary. The COMPANY states that all prices included on the website are subject to such changes, for which the USER will be duly informed. Furthermore, the products of the COMPANY are available subject to their stock availability, for which the USER will be informed accordingly.

Accurate User Information Statement. When placing an order, all the information provided by the USER must be true and accurate. To avoid inadvertent errors, it is advisable for the USER to verify all the details of their order before completing it.

Your Obligations as a Customer. You are responsible for:

- Choosing your product.

- Telephone and postage expenses for communication with Owl Clothes, if applicable.

- Shipping and/or transportation expenses for delivering the products to the buyer's residence, unless otherwise specified.

Receipt of your Transactions. Placing an order through the website www.owlclothes.com signifies that the debts and other factual incidents related to the use of the website will be proven by excerpts from Owl Clothes' books, which reflect the status of your order and to which you acknowledge and attribute full probative force. You also acknowledge that any locally stored data on Owl Clothes' computers or electronic data storage spaces of internet service providers fully demonstrate your activities on the Owl Clothes website and all related factual incidents.

Right to Reject the Order. The COMPANY, despite making the utmost effort to ensure that both the characteristics and prices of the products are accurate, reserves the right to refuse an order for products that inadvertently contain incorrect characteristics or prices, e.g., due to graphical errors or technical malfunctions on the page or for any other reason.

The COMPANY retains the same right in the case of an order with a very high price and the right to communicate with the USER.

Furthermore, the COMPANY declares that it reserves the right to reject an order from a person who has repeatedly not received and paid for products ordered with cash on delivery without justification. In any case, the COMPANY declares that it reserves the right to communicate with the USER in order to ensure the smooth completion of each order. Additionally, at its absolute discretion, the COMPANY may communicate specifically with individuals who have not received, having selected cash on delivery as the payment method, products ordered without justification, and may request payment of the price and any expenses by deposit into a bank account.

Delivery of Products and Risk Deterioration. From the time of delivery of the ordered product by Owl Clothes to the courier service, the risk passes to the buyer, and Owl Clothes is not responsible for accidental destruction or deterioration of the products.

The products can be shipped anywhere within the Greek Territory. The products will be sent to the location you have indicated in the Order Form using a courier service (Elta Courier, Speedex, Box now), the courier company you have chosen. However, Owl clothes reserves the right to select a different courier or transportation company, even after placing your order. If your area is considered inaccessible by the courier company, your package will remain at the nearest courier/post office to you. Shipments will be made daily, except on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Furthermore, Owl clothes is not responsible for loss, delivery delays, destruction, or deterioration of the products during their transportation by any courier company.

Force Majeure. Owl clothes is not liable for delays in performance (including delivery) that are due to circumstances beyond its control or due to force majeure, during which it is entitled to an extension of time for performance. Examples of force majeure reasons may include strikes, terrorist acts, war, supplier/transport/production issues, fluctuations in exchange rates, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters. If such incidents last for more than 2 months, this agreement may be terminated by any contracting party without compensation.

Order cancellation. You can cancel your order at any stage of processing by contacting the Customer Service Department at 2310243737 or by sending an email to [email protected], daily from 11:00 to 17:00. Depending on the stage of your order's progress, Owl clothes will inform you of the options available to you.

Pickup from the physical store. Owl clothes provides users with the option to order products that are available through the online store and pick them up from the physical store maintained by Owl clothes. Specifically, the customer can select the desired product(s) and the physical store from which they wish to pick up their order, paying the purchase price in cash upon pickup, in the case of this specific option. This option is provided under the following terms and conditions:

- The customer must provide the necessary information to verify their identity (i.e., name, email address, contact phone number).

Payment Methods:

  1. Payment upon delivery (cash on delivery):

1.1. Pay the courier employee upon the delivery of your order to your location.

1.2. According to current tax regulations, starting from January 3, 2012, receipts with a value exceeding €1,500 issued to private individuals (Retail Receipt) must be paid ONLY by the following methods:

  1. Pickup and payment of your order at the physical store of Owl Clothes.

2.1. In the final stage of completing your order, select "pickup from store" as the Shipping Method. Your order will remain at the selected store for a limited period of time after the order is placed. Payment for the order will be made at the store's cash register upon product pickup, only in cash, and with the presentation of your ID (or passport).

Shipping Costs / Free Delivery

For orders over €100:

The transportation cost is free for Greece.

For orders below €100:

The transportation cost ranges from €2.30 to €3, depending on the courier.

Order delay. In exceptional cases, your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

  1. The product has been delayed in production due to a lack of raw materials. In such a case, we will contact you to inquire whether you would like us to proceed with the order without this product or suggest an alternative. We will send you this item immediately after it becomes available in our warehouses.
  2. The product you ordered has been discontinued and is not available. In this case, an Owl Clothes representative will contact you promptly to inform you about possible alternative solutions.
  3. During periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes, as well as in any case of force majeure that may affect the transportation and delivery of your order.
  4. If it is not possible to reach you by phone or email (if there is a problem with your order, either regarding the product or the payment) due to incorrect contact information provided.

In any case, if within sixty (60) days from the date of order transmission, the ordered item has not yet been delivered to the recipient, the recipient has the right to withdraw from the order by the end of this deadline.

Product replacement. It is explicitly agreed that the COMPANY will accept requests for product replacement only for reasons related to size and color, always subject to stock availability in the appropriate size or color within a fourteen-day period from the receipt of the product. In this case, the USER assumes the shipping costs of the products to the COMPANY, which they send together with the payment receipt, and the COMPANY returns the new product to the USER at its own expense through its cooperating courier company.

The COMPANY grants the USER the right to replace the products purchased through the online store for reasons related to size and color, not only through the online store but also at the physical store located at 72, Mitropoleos Str, Thessaloniki, provided that the corresponding product codes are available. In any case, however, the USER is obliged to present the retail sales receipt at the store they visit. In this case, the COMPANY recommends that the USER contact the COMPANY and the respective store before visiting for replacement in order to check the availability of the products.

Products must be returned in the condition in which they were received by the USER, including the packaging, unworn and clean. Furthermore, for the replacement to be accepted, the special markings on the clothes (labels) must not have been removed, and the sales receipt must be returned.

Exceptions. It is explicitly agreed that no replacement request will be accepted in cases where the product is sold as a package (packages containing more than one item, such as socks). In this case, the USER may replace the entire set of products, provided that the packaging has not been opened, with another set that may be offered in a different color or size.

Replacement due to actual product defect or lack of agreed property of the product. It is explicitly agreed that the USER has the right to replace the products or receive a refund, etc., in accordance with the relevant provisions on the sale of goods under Articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code, subject to compliance with all relevant rules in the event of a defective product or lack of agreed property, provided that this is ascertained, of course, after inspection of the returned product by the COMPANY, as already mentioned above under item G1.12. In this case, the cost of returning the products, which will be done through the courier company cooperating with the COMPANY, is borne by the COMPANY.

And in the case of replacing a defective product, the products must be returned in the condition in which they were received by the USER, including the packaging, unworn and clean. Furthermore, for the replacement to be accepted, the special markings on the clothes (labels) must not have been removed, and the sales receipt must be returned.

Withdrawal. You have the right to return the products you purchased, without any loss, and without being obliged to notify us of the reason for their return, within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you receive them, provided that they can be returned in their original condition.

To avoid inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check the condition of the products sold and the intactness of their packaging at the time of delivery of your order, in order to identify any apparent defects (e.g., broken goods, etc.). In the event that you discover any defects, you must contact our online store immediately after delivery and no later than the next working day, at the phone number 2310243737 or via email at [email protected].

Returns are accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition as when you received them, meaning they have not been unsealed and their packaging or any labels have not been violated. Additionally, they must be accompanied by the relevant retail sales receipt.

The company reserves the right to claim compensation for any deterioration in the overall condition of the products. The mere acceptance of the returned products does not imply unconditional acceptance, and it does not result in the cancellation of compensation claims or other rights of Owl Clothes.

For addressing defects or deficiencies in the agreed-upon properties of the sold items, the provisions of the civil code apply. To consider a property as agreed-upon, it must be certified in writing by both parties.

In the event of a return of products, depending on both the method of payment you chose for your order and the method of their return, your refund will be completed within thirty (30) calendar days from the date we receive the products. The refund can be made by crediting your account, which you will notify Owl Clothes of.

Furthermore, in all cases, the returning product must necessarily be accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Also, in all the aforementioned cases, the returned products must be in the condition they were received by the customer, complete and without any damages, and their packaging should be the one that normally accompanies the product (in excellent condition, together with all the documents that accompanied the product).Before any return, it is recommended to communicate with the customer service department of Owl Clothes.

In any case, the return is possible on the condition that you have contacted the Online Store on the same day or the next working day. Especially in the case of (1) exchanging the product within 14 days with another product of equal value or with an additional payment, or (2) withdrawal within 14 days according to Article 5, paragraph 10 of Law 2251/1994, the product must not have been used. In order for the return of the product to be feasible, the product must be accompanied by all the necessary documents that prove the transaction.

This Agreement does not affect any consumer rights provided by law.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal. Furthermore, in cases where the product is sold as a package (packages that contain more than one item, such as socks), the USER may withdraw for the entire set of products provided that the packaging has not been opened.


Other provisions

Independence of contractual terms. If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court decision, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall continue to be valid. Invalid or unenforceable terms shall be replaced with terms that approximate the meaning and purpose of the invalid or unenforceable terms from an economic perspective.

Assignment of rights and substitution of obligations. Owl Clothes may enter into an agreement to assign its obligations or rights to a third party. All communications must be made in writing (by hand, email, or first-class mail, which will be considered delivered 48 hours after mailing). Any delay in exercising any right shall not be deemed as a waiver of that right, which may be exercised at any time by the parties.

Applicable law and jurisdiction. This Agreement shall be governed by Greek Law, especially the legislation governing e-commerce, distance sales, and consumer protection. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.

Order archive. The COMPANY informs that it keeps an electronic archive of each order, which the USER may access.


The Company's online store operates in accordance with current Greek and community legislation and securely maintains the user's personal data for as long as they are registered with any of our store's services, which are deleted upon the visitor/user's request. Within the framework of telecommunications privacy legislation, the user has the rights of information and objection provided for in Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997, as applicable at any given time. The website uses cookie technology. Disabling cookies will make browsing the website difficult, and users accept this intervention from the outset. During the first visit to the website, a permanent "cookie" (a small text file) will be set and stored on the user's hard drive. Cookies are used during your subsequent visits to the website to personalize it. You can visit the website without allowing cookie intervention, but you will not be able to use all the features of the website or enjoy specific features. To change your cookie settings, refer to the "Help" menu of your browser. During the user's visit to the Company's website, the user's location information may be recorded based on their IP address. This location usually refers to the general geographical area where the user is located. If the registration and collection of the user's location information is done in a more specific manner, the browser requests the user's consent to store the exact details of their full geographic position. During the user's general browsing and navigation on the Internet, a "browsing history" is recorded, according to the institutional function of Google Analytics. The Company may have access to the aforementioned browsing history and therefore monitor the websites that the user has visited, both before and after their visit to the Company's website, while also recording the duration and movement data on the Company's website.